Never Lose a Buyer to Bad Credit!

According to the FTC, one in five credit reports have errors (source: Yahoo Finance article 2/2013

Why The Credit Coach?

The Credit Coach is a credit management tool for your credit challenged prospects. On average, a consumer can increase their credit score by up to 100 points in 120 days when they follow the suggested “Smart Actions”.  (results will vary)

With your Mortgage 1 PRO membership, you’re able to offer the credit coach to your clients/prospects FREE for 90 days, and only $9.95/mo after that.  No contracts, cancel at any time!

After you’ve signed up for Mortgage 1 PRO, simply click on the Credit Coach button in your account to request your own, co-branded Credit Coach website to sign up your prospects/clients.  You and your clients/prospects are notified as their credit score increase, allowing you to take action when they are credit qualified and ready to purchase a new home!  All the while, your clients/prospects see your brand, reminding them who helped them achieve their goals!

Imagine what it would be like when you add one new client per month who closes on a new home and then refers to you three of their friends who are in the same boat as they once were — Unable to buy a a home due to credit.

*Your income would look like this:

  • One new client per month
  • Equals: 12 clients annually
  • PLUS
  • 24 additional referrals
  • Equals: 36 Total clients annually
  • Average Sale Price of a Home **
  • $271,900
  • 3% commission
  • $8,157
  • Equals Annual Income in your business
  • $293,652
*Results will vary
** Source: National Association of Realtors report April 2013